estate planning

Your Estate consists of everything you own when you die, including your home, bank accounts, investments, personal property, retirement plans, and any interests in a family business or partnership.

Do you know what will happen to your Estate when you die? Have you considered the costs associated with transferring your Estate on to your loved ones? If you were to become mentally or physically incapacitated today, who would assume control of your assets? 

A well-designed Estate Plan would help you answer these hard questions, and allow for peace of mind with knowledge that your Estate is in good order. It could even help you and your family recognize significant savings on Estate taxes, avoid the lengthy and painful experience of Probate court, and even allow you to maintain control of your Estate if you become incapacitated.

So what goes into a quality Estate Plan?

  • Living Trust: This will allow you to transfer more of your property to your loved ones than you could otherwise, because it will allow you to bypass many of the taxes associated with the transfer of your assets. Furthermore, it keeps control of your Estate with designated trustees such as your spouse should you become mentally or physically incapacitated. Finally, you can minimize, or altogether avoid the lengthy and costly process of Probate Court  
  • Will:  Working in tandem with a Revocable Trust (Living Trust), this allows for a smooth transition of your Estate to your beneficiaries - as you have decided ahead of time.
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust: By owning your Life insurance policy in an irrevocable trust, you are helping to protect the cash value of your policy, and are able to reduce the size of your estate, thereby reducing your estate tax liability. Furthermore, it allows you to control how, when, and why your beneficiaries receive the proceeds of your policy.

As a holistic financial practice, we take pride in providing our clients with the proper education and opportunities for ensuring the fruits of their labor are directed as they see fit in the most efficient and effortless way possible. +

contract review

Our team of advisers will provide a thorough review of your contract and identify specific details that may be inconsistent with other contracts being offered at that time. The team will provide a thoughtful response on each section with various ideas and critiques as it relates to benefits, compensation, and the terms of the agreement. We will also have your contract reviewed by a trusted attorney that is well-experienced in contracts for physicians and dentists. +