Real Estate

Many of our clients have an interest in real estate investing, and their successful financial planning over the years has positioned them to do just that. However, most are hesitant to venture into the unknowns of real estate investing without the guidance of a trusted Advisor with a depth of experience and knowledge. Our team of Advisors have experience with a variety of real estate investment strategies, and we are here to help you navigate the acquisition process from beginning to end. The fee for services will be determined after assessing the complexity of each request.


Step 1 Gathering Information

The first step in the process is to consider if you are in a good financial position to take on the risk of real estate investing and if the opportunities you have in mind fit well with your overall financial plan. If we determine real estate investing is appropriate, the next step is to go through a series of questions about your goals and objectives for the property.


Step 2 Search

Real estate investment opportunities are everywhere. Just as all mutual funds are not a good fit for each client and a filtering process is needed to create the right portfolio, a similar screening of the available options is needed to determine which opportunities are worth pursuing. During this phase, we will help you narrow the field by guiding you through the benefits and risk of each and how well they fit the previously stated goals and objectives.


Step 3 Negotiations and closing

Once you have identified the right fit, it’s time to negotiate. Many are uncertain of what to ask for -what is too much or too little? Our team of Advisors have participated in many negotiations over the years and we can guide you through a variety of creative ways to structure offers and counter-offers, financing, and the eventual ownership of the property for successful asset protection and estate planning.