F R O M  S T A R T  T O  F I N I S H


1 s t    M E E T I N G

YO U R      S E S S I O N :

We feel it is important to understand what we do, how we do it, and how the planning is specifically customized to the needs of physicians and dentists before you divulge any personal information.

After we provide a detailed explanation of our methods and strategies, we take a few minutes to gather information about you so we can adapt these strategies to your specific situation.

2 n d     M E E T I N G

YO U R     S E S S I O N :

We prepare a portfolio binder for you that we review together. This will include an extensive analysis of your situation and provide an organized format of what recommendations we believe are best to meet your unique needs. We also prepare an infrastructure for your specific budget to improve financial tracking and discipline, which we will discuss in this meeting.

3 rd     M E E T I N G

YO U R     S E S S I O N :

Complete physicals and any additional paperwork that may be needed. In addition, we will answer any clarifying questions and review expectations going forward.

Our priority is your understanding and confidence in your unique strategy. You will walk away from this meeting with a sense of security about your finances.


YO U R     S E S S I O N :

We will update your analysis to check your progress and confirm that the strategies being used are working
appropriately to meet your short term and long term financial needs.

We will also make any necessary revisions to your budget's infrastructure and adapt the strategies to reflect any changes in your financial situation. This meeting will typically involve your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney. As a group, we will walk through several potential scenarios as a stress test. The goal will be to assess qualitatively and quantitatively whether or not the established plan can survive various situations when reviewed through the lens of experts in Tax Planning, Legal Planning, and Financial Planning.

This meeting will be done once a year, though we are always available should need arise.